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Kick up the 80s

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Delux Gold now ‘ON AIR’

With the start of 2021, we are very proud to announce that DELUXGOLD.CO.UK will be launched on the 16th January 2021.

The channel plays the very best mix of music over five decades. 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s.

We have amassed some great names of the radio to bring you a station that brings you nothing but the best balance of songs that you love along with some that you may have forgotten.

The channel is part of the Radiowaves Media Ltd portfolio of channels available both on the internet and also as one of the channels available onboard some of the cruise ships they supply across the world.

Radio Waves CEO David Wimble Said; “Delux Radio has built up an amazing following over the past few years, when you consider there has been hardly no financial backing.  Other stations with bigger names have come and gone, but we are still here. Doing what we do best.  We realised that we have two different types of listener, Some who love the oldies and others who like the specialist shows that our main channel offers. So the simple solution was to bring in some of the DJs who already have shows on the ships along with some new to Delux and build a channel around them”.

The station has a completely different sound to with its own style and jingle packages.

Check out the website for more information.

The Delux Radio Revolution is coming… and its sounding Great!

Delux Radio is now part of the RADIOWAVES MEDIA Group of companies.


Delux Radio, along with Feel Great Radio Limited, has been purchased by Radiowaves Media Ltd.

The channels will be a part of the new look ‘Multi Media Company’ that supply over 30 cruise ships across the globe.

Founder David Wimble, joins the company as head of programming across the 30+ channels that Radiowaves operate.

David said: “I am incredibly proud of what we achieved with Delux, but it needs a big corporation behind it, if it is to become commercially successful. as a one man band trying to push Delux, I certainly do not have the resources that Radiowaves Media have. The studios are just amazing. Having also been a part of the Radiowaves Media Group, it just made sense to merge the companies.”

The Station will remain independent from the day to day running of Radiowaves, but Some of the Radiowaves DJ’s will now join Delux and some of the Delux jocks will now have their shows streamed ‘Via Satellite’ to thousands of people enjoying their vacations and holidays onboard some of the worlds most iconic cruise ships.

Update 16th November 2020



Welcome to Delux Radio.

The station has been broadcasting full time since February 2018 and now attracts over 155,000 stream hits per day on a large number of listener applications, including TuneIn Radio, Radio Box, Apple Music, Deezer Radio, Google Radio, iHeart Radio, Digimix Radio and over 30 others.

Our aim is to bring back personality to radio, just like it was in the 1960s and 70s with stations like Radio Caroline, Radio Luxembourg and the best years when BBC Radio 1 and Capital Radio ruled the airwaves.

Delux Radio has a team of over 30 DJs who are passionate about not only the music they play but what they say between the music!


2020 will bring exciting changes for Delux Radio! 

Visit this page often to see the latest information about the many new shows planned and new DJs joining Delux Radio, bringing you an even greater choice of music. 

Check out the brand new schedule on Delux Radio as some old faces return to the airwaves…

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