Delux Radio Personality DJ of the Year Competition

Delux Radio is to launch an exciting new competition, to
find the next generation of superstar Radio DJ, launching in April 2020.

For most people growing up and listening to the radio was
always not just about the music, but feeling that the DJ, the man or woman that
knitted the whole show together, was your friend.

The days of ‘personality DJ’ have all but gone in the 21st
Century other than on our station, where the DJ is free to say and play what
they like!

Delux Radio has always had the ambition to bring back the
personality to the airways and we already have a schedule of some great shows,
with personality by the bucket-load. So we thought, why not get the next
generation of DJ’s on our station. The management team here at Delux have
decided to launch a weekly show, to find a superstar jock of the future …. And it
could be you!

We intend to offer the winners not only a regular show on
but also the chance to win an amazing cruise on a 5 star cruise ship as part of
your prize. And also get ‘YOUR SHOW’ heard by tens of thousands of Delux Radio

The format of the shows is entirely down to you, but put
some effort in…. if you just want to say “That was.. I am and you are listening
too Delux radio, the next song is….” Then this is not the competition for you!

HOWEVER if you fancy being the next Kenny Everett, Steve
Wright or Chris Moyles and you think you have something to offer. Get creative
and get recording!

The music choice is down to you. But let’s not have another
60s, 70s, 80s or 90s pop show, do something extreme and creative!

All you have to do is record a 1 x 60 minute show in MP3
Format (minimum 128 kbs) and send it by to

The format of the competition is that we play two shows back
to back and have an online poll which will last a week. You then have to get
all of your friends on social media to listen in and vote for you. (The final
decision is that of the Delux Radio Station DJs, but votes will make up 50% of
the score.)


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