How does Delux Radio & Radiowaves work?

When people find out that this is a private station, quite often they struggle to comprehend, how you go about setting a radio station up?

So obviously the main thing you need is a studio. We are lucky in that we have two permanent studios (‘The World-Famous Seaside Studios’) based down in New Romney in Kent. And our Radiowaves Media studios, based at Maidstone Studios., also located in Kent.

The Radiowaves Studio, is everything you would expect from a full-blown radio studio, it has two production studios, a live ‘On Air’ studio and a Live Lounge, enabling bands or group discussions. This station streams live to 28 ships for five different companies. Each ship has its own server (because, they are all in different time zones). comes from a stand-alone server in our main control Room at Maidstone. But is remotely driven from our New Romney studio.

This is a home studio, but has all the equipment needed for any broadcast.

We use software called Station-Playlist, which is set up to play music 24-7 365 days of the year. It works on a ‘playlist’ which is created around our schedule, some shows are imported into the playlist in ‘real time’ from our cloud-based servers. Others are pre-recorded and played direct from our central music database (2 x 4 terabyte mirrored drives).

Some shows are streamed live from home studio’s and played out live.

Delux radio is now played out on 46 unique servers around the world. To maintain the quality we share our output, through a number of different ways, our main server is an ‘Icecast server’ situated in Luxemburg which we send 7 streams too, this then sends out feeds to different listening devices (Radio Box, Listen Live, Amazon Radio Playeretc.)

We also have some Shoutcase streams (mainly lower stream rate 128 Kbs and 64Kbs) which feed this website and available for direct streaming. (although we suggest you use one of the Apps like Radio Box or TuneIn).

You can see at the bottom of our home page the amount of ‘online listeners’ this is from the main servers that we have software that sweeps the connections. It does not auto update, unless you refresh the home screen, so it could say we only have 600 listeners but it might say we have 50,000.

Obviously, we have no say over who listens onboard some of the ships we supply. Some of them have 5000 guests onboard, and this will only show up as one listener, as the ship picks up our feed and then puts it direct to the cabins the TV service. We did though add up that at any one time there could 60,000 listners if everyone onboard listened (but we are realistic enough to know that we would be lucky if we hit 10% of this)

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