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Alun, has been looking forward to getting his own show on Delux for the past couple of months and been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to play you those songs that bring back so many happy memories. The show will bring back as he calls it the music from ‘The Best Years of our Lives’ Hailing […]

Robin Phillips has been a professional jazz singer and pianist for over 15 years in the UK. He is the bandleader and arranger of London-based Pinstripe Suit swing band and owns a recording studio where he works as a producer, teacher, and mentor. He is also a jazz historian and presenter, producing and presenting his first […]

For twenty years, Sony Award-Winner, Russ Kane, was the voice of Capital Radio’s ‘Flying Eye’, forming an on-air partnership with Chris Tarrant to create the most listened-to commercial radio show in the world, with a daily audience in excess of 4 million, Today, Russ can be heard on BBC Radio London, where his weekly, hour-long news […]

Phil Dave has been in the world of broadcasting for many years. Starting, like so many, in the world of hospital radio. Over the years, Phil has accomplished quite a few achievements; his main one being the youngest ever programme controller of a UK radio station at the age of just 19. Nowadays he can be heard fronting podcasts, reading travel and news bulletins for the BBC and, of course, keeping Russ company on Men’s Radio Station. When he’s not on air, he’s busy producing programmes for the BBC as well as helping people who want to start up their own podcasts. Outside of the world of radio, Phil is a Microsoft certified IT technician and has a particular interest in live theatre and enjoys nothing more than going for walks in the company of his two sausage dogs – Monty & Carlo.

With a love of music from an early age John has been on the Radio since he was thirteen when he joined Radio Erith, a Hospital Radio Station broadcasting to a grand total of 35 beds! Some would argue things only went downhill after that with stints on commercial Radio stations Time 106.8 & sister […]

Stuart James Stuart is married with a grown-up son and daughter; he lives in East Sussex just outside of Hastings. His radio career began in 1976 in hospital radio for the Woolwich Hospitals Broadcasting Service. In the same year he went to work, as a studio assistant, for BBC Medway, now called BBC Kent. In […]

Born on April 17th and therefore an Aries, in England’s ‘Garden of England,’ Kent. Mark’s singular claim to fame is that, whilst working in Aberdeen in 1990, he bought Karaoke to Scotland! He is now banned for life from the town… Favourite things that he loves to enjoy are spending time with his family and […]

Mikey joins us every sunday night to bring you our very own exclusive Delux ‘Lockdown’ top 40

Lewis was born in Ipswitch, Suffolk. Originally deciding to become a farmer, but he ended up at the Radio Caroline ship in 1977 to fix a generator. Due to seasickness by another presenter, he was asked to step in and began his career in broadcasting. He also worked on the Voice of Peace off Tel […]

Roger ‘Twiggy’ Day, “The Thinner Record Spinner” chooses his favourite music from the last five decades!! Twiggy started his career in the 1960s spinning discs at Dreamland in Margate, and went on to be a Pirate DJ, working for off-shore stations Swinging Radio England, Radio Caroline South, Radio Luxembourg and Radio Northsea International. In the […]

Ross has joined the Delux team with a brand new show, which is mixed exclusively for Deluxradio. He is a well regarded and well respected club, lounge and bar DJ with the ability to mix music for any occasion. 

Over the last 20 plus years he has performed in top party capitals in Europe and […]

Steve Penk Steve Joins our Delux team with two great shows, The Mid Week Rewind Show and his famous Wind Up Show. Steve presents a daily one hour show on our Delux Channels, looking back on some of the best music on the air. Along with his Wind Up shows, that many people remember him […]

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