Deke Duncan

The Wide and Wonderful World of Uncle Deke Duncan … Captivated and inspired by Radio Caroline North, Deke Duncan began his record spinning life as a club DJ entertaining his audiences in the slick talking style of a radio jock, complete with catchy American jingles. In 1969 He ran his own weekly Disco in his home town of Gorton in Manchester; suitably called The RADIO BIG G DISCO; before moving to Stevenage in Hertfordshire to take up a position with the very popular Maxims Disco and, later, Caesar’s Palace in Luton. In 1971 Deke secured a job with, the newly formed Pirate station, Radio Northsea International. This was just prior to the infamous bombing of RNI’s ship, Mebo2 so that was a non-starter. His burning passion for radio prompted him to start his own station from a purpose built studio/shed in the garden of his home, ‘broadcasting’ via cable to the main house. The station would be called Radio 77, as a tribute to his favourite American station 77WABC, from which he adopted his style of Djing. In 1974 BBC TV did a feature on Radio 77 on their nightly magazine show ‘Nationwide’. In 2018, with 77 still in operation, the footage was re-run! Deke and Radio 77 went viral. TV and radio interviews followed, special shows on BBC local radio, book deals and movie offers….. Radio 77 is alive and well, living in Stockport!



DINNER GUEST LIST… Daffy Don Allen, Ronan O’Rahilly, Steven Fry, Jayne McCubbin, Anna Jameson, Goldie Hawn. (Can’t do any more – our table’s not big enough)

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