Radio Waves onboard Broadcast systems

This is a unique company that supplies Radio and TV Channels to the Cruise ship industry along with other onboard media

Our onboard radio stations can either be manned stations or stand alone remote stations all offering a great mix of music and information for your guests

We offer a choice of different radio station formats for a wide range of cruise ships and hotels

  • Bespoke channel tailored to your own brand
  • Delux Radio
  • Radiowaves Gold
  • Interviews and audio books channels

Waves have a roster of some of the most respected radio djs from across the globe including many household names and exclusive shows to Radio waves.

Our music can fit your demographic of guests

We can play a mixture of music including middle of the road pop, 60s, 70s, 80, old gold shows, Country, Reggae, big band, classical, opera, easy listening.

We currently supply some of the world’s leading cruise ship brands

Our bespoke broadcast Systems are capable of being updated remotely by direct log in from our broadcast centre in the uk

Live djs are available to come on cruises to interview guests and members of the cruise staff, captain and  entertainers.

We can offer a unique sales tool for future sales, with interviews and travel shows for future cruises, either produced onboard or from our UK studio, with interviews with Cruise sales teams.

We are able to do future Shore excursions adverts with24 hours notice to try and up sell onboard offers.

Our shows can include events drops (following days entertainment schedule)

Travelogue shows about future destinations, which can either be independently produced or in association with the onboard port lecturer.

Radiowaves can introduce named famous dj’s from over 5 decades to lecture onboard and talk on a number of subjects. Our roster of DJ’s have worked on …

  • National stations BBC Radio 1, 2,3 &4
  • Commercial Radio Capital Radio, Talk Radio, LBC, Saga Radio
  • Pirate Radio Caroline, Radio London, Swinging Radio England, Radio North Sea ,International, Laser 558,
  • International Radio Radio Luxembourg, Radio Veronica

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