The Hal Cromptom Show…

With Hal Cromptom

Hal introduces the music from the fascinating genre Steampunk, a mixture of neo-victorian, time travel, science fiction and fantasy!

Hal started his career in the RAF as a telecommunications technician and when he was posted to Gan, a tiny island in the middle of the Indian Ocean and it is here that Hal discovered the islands radio station.  He promptly joined and if he wasn’t busy at the broadcast desk he would be found under it with a screwdriver in his hand. Throughout his 24-year career in the RAF, Hal usually managed to find a radio station whenever he went overseas, doing occasional guest spots on British Forces Broadcasting stations in Cyprus, Gibraltar, Belize and the Falkland Islands.

Hal’s most recent station has been a Community Radio station in Lincoln, where he came across Steampunk at the city’s annual Steampunk festival, which has now become the biggest in the world. An enthusiastic member of the Lincoln Steampunk Society, he is known as The Ambassador.

There are as many definitions of Steampunk as there are Steampunks, but some like to think of it as “The future of a past that never was”. Another favourite definition is “Downton Abbey meets Meccano”. It can be described as neo-Victorian, science fiction, time travel, early industrial, fantasy, or a mixture of all these. Steampunk music is just as eclectic; there is no single genre, but it always has a Steampunk theme.

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