The Overdrive 192 Rock Show

With Robin Dee

Welcome to the OVERDRIVE 192 ROCK SHOW – it just rocks!


Do you remember Radio Caroline in 1986-1987 when Tom Anderson launched Caroline Overdrive on the 963 kHz frequency after the Dutch station Radio Monique closed down for the evening? Overdrive carried a wide selection of “alternative” music, the only apparent rule being that it should provide an alternative to Caroline’s main programming on 558 kHz. The presentation was uncluttered, with a  minimum of DJ chatter and few jingles. The service had been described as being similar to a John Peel show, except that it ran all night. 

Tracks were played from Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Yes, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Genesis, Jethro Tull, Grateful Dead and Soft Machine to name but a few, resulting in some ground breaking radio and launching Progressive Rock to the masses. And probably the most important thing about it, for me, anyway, it came from a ship on the North Sea – offshore radio at its finest. 

THE OVERDRIVE 192 ROCK SHOW will try to re-create those exciting days, by specialising in Classic Rock, Progressive Rock and Alternative Rock, playing the tracks the other stations ignore. Our name “OVERDRIVE” – obviously from the original Caroline Overdrive and used as a tribute to that wonderful service. “192” – no, not the wavelength, although that number was very significant in the world of offshore radio. This time it refers to the bit rate of the show – 192 kbps in stereo. 


Robin Dee

As with many people in the industry, I was totally influenced by the offshore pirate stations of the 60s and 70s. I started my own “bedroom” station along similar lines, sending programmes out to listeners on cassette tapes with over 50 listeners. 

In the 80s, I joined a major hospital radio station in Edinburgh and gained valuable experience in presenting a wide range of programmes. In the 90s, I secured a regular slot on two local commercial stations in Aberdeenshire and Highland Perthshire, NECR and Heartland FM. 

As a pioneer in internet broadcasting since 1999, I produced and presented “The Robin Dee Show” on my on-demand internet station, GRI, and also the Rock Show on its sister station, Overdrive 192, long before broadband, when people had to use dial-up to listen. I  have had on-air internet radio experience in production and presentation since then. During 2016 and 2017 as a project, I have successfully produced and distributed 2 syndicated radio shows, “Robin Dee’s BIG Country,” and the “Overdrive 192 Rock Show” to 33 internet, FM and DAB radio stations worldwide. After taking a year off to recharge the batteries, I’m back in the saddle again with the Overdrive 192 Rock Show, exclusive to Delux Radio. 

 Robin’s favourite artistes: Favourite artistes? They are all on the show, but the Doobie Brothers stand out above all else. 

Dinner party guests? Jim Clark, Jackie Stewart, Richard Branson, Ronan O’Rahilly, Nicola Sturgeon, oh – and my lovely wife.

Bucket list? I’ve done most of my bucket list! I’ve had my own garage business for 10 years, built two houses, had dream sports cars, been involved with radio while working as a car salesman, garage proprietor, pump engineer, then company area manager, and finally truck driver (and that was fun!) but I would still love to visit the Ross Revenge on the River Blackwater. 

Now retired, and enjoying every minute of it! 

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